School. It bothers us A LOT. Unfortunately I need to stay 9 years in school until I'm done D: I'm gonna tell you the likes and dislikes of school.

LIKE 1 ~ French, English, Spanish and Latin
I really like these three subjects, because I love languages.
French, because I've got a lot of family in France ( Also in Paris :D ) and I love it to speak for myself in another language. Somehow it makes me feel stronger if I speak for example English.
I like English, because almost everybody in the whole world knows how to speak English. Also it's very handy for me to know how to speak English, because when I go to Spain on a holiday, I prefer speaking English than Spanish.
I think Spanish is a beautiful language and Spain is also a beautiful country. I think Spanish also sounds very nice, but somehow aggressive xD
Latin is nice to know, because Latin is the language of Science and when you know how to speak Latin, you can understand a lot of languages because most of it comes from Latin. Just like the word "Amigo" from Spanish. Amigo means friend in Spanish. The word "Amicus" in Latin means friend. Compromise it with each other and it looks really like each other. They're synonyms.

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LIKE 2 ~ Friends
I've got a lot of friends at school, but I don't have a lot of time to hang out with them after school, because I go to school in another city than the city I live in. I go to school with the train and the distance between school and home is 10 miles :o
But I've got a lot of friends and not only from my year.

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LIKE 3 ~ Traveling to school
I like the way I travel to school. I go to school with the train and that's WAY more relaxing than cycling to school. Sometimes when I've got a test, I study a bit in the train and that's also one of the advantages :)

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DISLIKE 1 ~ Homework
This is the thing that EVERY student hates. Homework. I don't know why it exists, but I hate it. Our teachers also give us a HUGE amount of homework. And when I come home it is usually almost time for dinner and then I'll have to make the homework too. Every time I've got long schooldays, I don't have a lot of time to write for example Articles on WHI, writing on my Quotev account or watching Netflix. That is really annoying and one time a friend of mine had to skip tennis practice four times, because she had to make homework. Look, I know that the teachers don't give us homework for no reason, but they have to slow down, I mean if you don't have time to do your favorite things or sports, then it's not normal. Surely not if you have skipped tennis practice four times...

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DISLIKE 2 ~ Teachers
Teachers. The same thing. The teachers on our school aren't really bad, but some of them are. The Latin teacher, French teacher, English teacher, Geography teacher and History teacher are really nice, but our Dutch teacher, Biology teacher and Music teacher are hell.
First Dutch. Okay that teacher is really nice to me and my friends, but to other classmates she isn't nice. Once she sent a friend of mine to the principal because he was saying to the boy next to him that he had to shut up. Weird, right? And one time she was really mad and started yelling at us. She started yelling things like: "For goodness sakes, can you please shut the fuck up?" and "You are a shitty class and all of you are crap. You're crap.". Unbelievable.
Second Biology. The biology teacher once said some horrible things to us. He said: "You are the worst class I've ever known." and "Go to hell. All of you." Omg.... :o
Last Music. That woman is an old lady who doesn't seem to like kids at all. And we're not aloud to play on instruments, only learn things from the book. Her voice is also the worst and very annoying. Once she had sent a girl to the principal because she was grabbing her book and the teacher thought she was texting. I have never laughed so badly ( in my head, because if I would laugh out loud I would be dead.) x3

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DISLIKE 3 ~ Full cafeteria
The cafeteria of our school is always FULL. And the senior students throw their bags on the ground like it's their habit. Weird. Really weird. I'm pretty small for my age, so it's lot more worse if you're small because you'll be squished like a grape in my mouth.

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