if you want to improve you're style: you clicked the right article! my personal style is like that vintage/70s/80s/art hoe style. this is the style i'm going to use as an inspiration for this article. i hope you like it.

mom jeans

jeans, fashion, and grunge image yellow, tumblr, and jeans image

vintage (wind)breakers

Inspiring Image on We Heart It nike and retro image

kanken bags

bag, green, and fjallraven kanken image yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image pink, tumblr, and pastel image backpack, california, and camp image

funny/colourful socks

converse, dog, and socks image pink, shoes, and aesthetic image lgbt, lesbian, and gay image colorful, colors, and colourful image


glasses, aesthetic, and white image glasses, tumblr, and accessories image

random (oversized) vintage shirts

adidas, blue, and grunge image beach and yellow image McDonalds, tumblr, and grunge image flowers, aesthetic, and grunge image

that tennis skirt

Clueless, 90s, and movie image fashion, style, and skirt image girl, fashion, and vintage image fashion, style, and grunge image

fishnet tights

fashion, grunge, and outfit image red, fashion, and fishnet image

this was it for now, i think i'm gonna make a part 2. i hope you liked the article xxx diede ♥ [ please keep in mind that english isn't the language i speak normally ♥ ]

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