Hi guys , what's poppin? 💖
I noticed that you really enjoyed my last article, so today I'm back with a new topic: school & co. I know, school is the worst topic ever but, trust me, if you fall in love with learning, you find out that learning is power💥
Let's start!

◊ Turn off your phone and put it away 📵
Leaving your best friend alone is hard, I know 😂 But turn off your phone is the best way to stay focused and avoid any kind of distraction. Moreover, if you put it away you won't get up to check your emails or your notifications.

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it is not allowed, sorry

◊Have a clear desk and a productive environment 📚
Don't study in front of your TV and surf the internet only if you have to write an essay or to review your notes. Don't spend time on YouTube or Weheartit, you will have 10 minutes to do what you want during your break. So clean your desk, grab your pencilcase, your books, your notebooks and start!

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look at this baby

◊Sip a coffee or a cup of tea ☕💙
Green tea boost your metabolism, while coffee makes you productive and helps you to not lose your powers of concentrations. Remember also to eat somehing, like an apple or some dried fruit.

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◊Get cozy 👘
Wear something that makes you feel comfortable, like your pyjamas and your favourite socks! Put on some classical music, or jazz music, put your hair in a ponytail or in a bun, open your books and study.

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Remember to have a break every 45/50 minutes, so you don't feel overwhelmed 🌺 go outside, get some fresh hair, listen to music, watch an episode from your favourite Tv show, make a phone call, do yoga, meditate, do whatever you want, study is hard and you deserve to spoil yourself a little bit

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Love you guys, see you next time

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