This is the first 'week' worth of my Grow My Grades posts.

The deadline for my UCAS application draws closer as each day passes by. I am going to try and get the remaining part of my complete guide to university series done by this week so be ready for those. Anyway, back to my UCAS application, for those of you who aren't aware of what UCAS is.

UCAS means The Universities and Colleges Admissions Services. It is a UK-based organisation whose main role is to operate the application process for British universities. It operates as an independent charity, funded by fees charged to applicants and to universities.

Basically it's a service that is commonly used by students to apply to universities in the UK. So instead of applying to several universities individually and having to meet each individual criteria you make a UCAS profile, put in your details, your personal statement, a reference, a few more things and you send it off to your choices (maximum of 5) and they respond to you letting you know if you get an offer or not.

I wrote my personal statement which is considered the hardest bit of the application process because you're basically trying to convince your choices as to why they should accept you and why you're a better candidate than the thousands of students who are also applying. It's nerve wracking and takes quite a while to complete, but once you get it done it's a great relief. Lately I feel like my current one isn't good enough so I'm planning on making a completely new one and when I get to school I'll ask which is better. I'd show you all but once you post your personal statement online before you send it off you'd be flagged for plagiarism even if it's yours.

School has been a bit hectic, but Christmas break is getting so close so I'm pushing through. In terms of my Math, I'm on track for a B or C (realistically speaking) but not close to the A*. I'm sure once I've covered the scheme and continue practicing more papers I'll feel a bit more confident. Sadly, I've been spending too much time on Math and not my other subjects and I have to find a way to make balance them all.

If you don't know I have shoutout competition going on right now and it is still open for entries. I'm sorry it's on such short notice. I might even have to extend it, but for now the deadline is still Friday.

Also, I noticed my 'complete guides' seem to be very popular. Would you all like more things like that? Just let me know and send topics you'd like me to discuss. I really enjoy making them so expect a few more as time goes by.

That's all for today, I hope you all have a fantastic week in school.
As always my inbox is always open if you ever need to chat, want advice or just feel like saying something.
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