Hey Girls! ❤️ this is my Playlist for November.
The songs do not really fit to the month, but these are the once I like at the moment!

I hope you will like them too! 💋

PS: Sorry, I'm not that good in writing introductions. 🙈


<< Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still >>
This song is soo catchy!! 🔥 Everytime I hear it, I just want to get up and dance. Who joins me?

<< Coldplay - Talk >>
Coldplay is always one of my favourites.
Chris Martin's voice is just amazing and the Band's sound is simply unique.
I love this song! ❤️

"So you take a picture of something you see
In the future where will I be?
You can climb a ladder up to the sun
Or write a song nobody has sung
Or do something that's never been done"

<< The Kooks - Bad Habit >>
Well, here is another British Rock Band.
I discovered them randomly and simply fell in love with their catchy rock sound. This song is hot! 🔥

(This is of cause not the official Music Video, but you can see it on YouTube.)

"You say you want it, but
You can't get it in
You got yourself a bad habit for it
Oh, look at you, walking up and down a hall
I say please
Oh man, oh man, oh man
You know I wish I had it all"

<< Halsey - Bad At Love >>
Lately I'm discovering many songs by Halsey and I wonder, why I never listened to her music before?! She is really great! ♥

"I'm bad at love (ooh-ooh)
But you can't blame me for tryin'
You know I'd be lyin' sayin'
You were the one (ooh-ooh)
That could finally fix me Lookin' at my history
I'm bad at love"

<< Andrew Belle - Pieces >>
I discovered this song randomly and it only took me the first two seconds to fall in love with it! 😍
It is soo incredibly beautiful, but sadly totally underrated!! Why is that ??
Music for the soul. I just love it! ❤️

"There's too much smoke to see it
There's too much broke to feel this
Well, I love you, I love you
And all of your pieces"

<< Miley Cyrus - Younger Now >>
A really good song, which I think, everyone can relate to.
Because it's true, "No one stays the same" and "Change is a thing you can count on."

"No one stays the same (oh, oh)
You know what goes up must come down (oh, oh)
Change is a thing you can count on (oh, oh)
I feel so much younger now (oh, oh)"

<< Halsey - Now Or Never >>
So far, one of my favorite songs by Halsey - which always reminds me of a modern Romeo & Juliet.

"Said you know I wanna keep you around
'Round forever, hey, hey, hey
I want you to love me now, now, now, now, now, now
Now or never"

<< Camila Cabello - Havana >>
Another catchy song that makes me wanna dance and sing along.
One more time, who joins me?

"Havana, ooh na-na (ay) Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh-na-na (ay, ay)
He took me back to East Atlanta, na-na-na All of my heart is in Havana (ay)
There's somethin' 'bout his manners (uh huh) Havana, ooh na-na (uh)"

<< Cigarettes After Sex - Each Time You Fall In Love >>
Elaine Queiroga on YouTube wrote:

"This band is like whispers in the ear, it is soft, delicate and intense.
Love it!"

I couldn't have said it any better! ♥

"She took you for a ride in summer baby, lost all your money to her.
All I wanna know is if you love her - how come you never give in?"

You can find more of my favourite songs here ⬆

Thanks, if you took your time to read this and I hope you enjoy the music ♥

x.o. Jessie