For today's post, I've put together these nifty tips for girls with oily skin, so that your makeup won't slide off by midday and will last and last.

♦ ♦ ♦

♦#1 Always, always Prime

It takes only 15 seconds to apply a little bit of primer.
Apply only when your skin is completely dry. Go for matte, powder finish primers.

♦#2 Foundation, girl

Dot concealer into those places where you need it-- under your eyes, around your nose, on your chin, using a brush to apply it rather than your fingertips. Go for a mattifying, light and powder finish foundation. Steer clear of anything with a shimmer.

♦#3 Blush or bronzer?

Whether you use blush or bronzer is really up to you. You have a couple of options here, depending on how well your base coverage "sticks".

♦#4 Eye Makeup

Use an eyeshadow primer, and dab it from your lash line all the way up to your brow line. Opt for waterproof mascara. As for eyeshadow, I'd recommend a cream finish rather than a powder. Another alternative is to use a thick kajal pencil along the upper lash line and blend it out using your finger.

Hope you found it helpfu!

Lots of love,