I don't love you.
I never did...
Even when I told you that I loved you... I didn't.
That was wrong of me, I know, but you deserved it.
It's hard to love some one you know is just going to leave you;
Leave you when they find some one else.
Leave you when your going through something and can't benefit them anymore.
However it's easy to loose someone you knew was going to leave.
I'm broken and damaged and that's what causes so many issues in my current ones. I'm effected my old friendships...
I'm effected by you.
You say that your different but you're just like everyone else you couldn't be bothered to stick around, you realised how insecure, paranoid and anxious I am then you left... like the rest.
I take that back... You are different; You're even more fucked up.
You pretended to like me for around a year...
The others didn't lie to me like you did.
_grace <3
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