Hey everyone! Since this is my very first article, I thought it would be convenient to tell you some facts/information about my interests. Let's get started :) :

1. I absolutely ADORE music! In fact, I play Harmonica (and have written 2 original songs) and really want to learn to play either Guitar or Ukulele.
2. My favorite school subjects are Art, Photoshop, and Science (especially Chemistry).
3. I LOVE to draw and paint! I have always been a very creative person since I was younger, and learning the different techniques of Art really fascinate me.
4. Photography and editing are another one of my major hobbies. I post very rarely on a social platform app called PIcCollage (my username is Peaceful_Kittens if you would be interested in following me there). My posts are mainly edits of topics I like. I am always credited by my household of how great my pictures turn out (I don't even edit those!). I may post some on here, but let me know if you guys want me to.
5. I am a Nintendo fan, especially loving the Super Mario franchise. I own a Wii and Wii U and really want a Nintendo 3Ds XL for Christmas. My favorite characters are probably Mario and Luigi.
6. My favorite TV show is definitely Friends!! I LOVE Friends!!! Even though I wasn't alive when the show aired, I always enjoy watching clips on YouTube, or just watching some episodes on the TBS app (they play them on there, too).
7. Ahh...music. I could rant on and on about it, but I'll keep this simple. My favorite genres of music are Pop, a little bit of Rock, Country, 80s, 90s, 70s, and 60s. Some of my favorite artists are Sia, Ed Sheeran, Rod Stewart, Luke Bryan, etc.

So those are some facts about me! There are obviously many more, but this article would be a thousand pages long. I'm sorry if I ranted in some places, yet this is my first time. Plus, I like writing articles and this type of stuff, so this was a wonderful experience for me. Love you hearters, and live life like there's no tomorrow!!