❥ Riverdale

Probably my most favourite TV Show ever is Riverdale, and you’ll seriously be hooked to the series too, after the first episode. It’s about a small town called Riverdale, and the darkness and weirdness that is brewing just beneath the surface of Riverdale’s innocent facade. If you’re looking for a show to binge watch that’s romantic, but also mysterious and thrilling, then get watching!
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❥ The Carrie Diaries

I legit live for this show, because it’s super romantic and has some amazing actors in it like Anna Sophia Robb and Austin Butler! The Carrie Diaries explores the life of High School student Carrie Bradshaw, and her experiences through High School and eventually landing a job in the ever glamorous Manhattan, all whilst following her heart in pursuit of Sebastian Kydd. If you’re all for romance shows, then Carrie Diaries is perfect for you!
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❥ Foursome

Foursome is a show for people who love a good Rom-Com. Foursome explores the High School life of Andie Fixler (Jenn McAllister), and her 3 best friends, all together known as ‘Foursome’, and Andie’s awkward dating life is easily enhanced by older brother Alec (Logan Paul).
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❥ The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is actually what I’m binge watching right now, and not gonna lie, I’m obsessed! TVD, based on the book series by L.J Smith, is about century old vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon and their experiences when they move to Mystic Falls, and meet a beautiful girl called Elena.
If you love mysteries and love stories, this is your binge watch show!
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❥ Stranger Things

Okay, I’ve only just started watching Stranger Things, and I’m literally hooked! Stranger Things is about the investigation of the dissapearance of a boy called Will, the unnerving forces discovered, and an unusual little girl. If you’re into supernatural things and mysteries, then this is definetly a show for you!
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