Hello, to whomever runs across this post. So I've never really been active on WeheartIt and I decided to just say "Fuck It" what better way to connect with others than a challenge that is trending. I'm obviously a little late but doesn't mean I wont complete this darn thing. LESSSGGOOOO

[creds to @TypicalGirl48 for creating this challenge]

Fact 1// November 1st is actually the day I was brought into the world so shoutout to all my baby scorpios

Fact 2// I love blasting my music in my room and dancing like a total goofball when i'm home alone

Fact 3// I memorized the entire ASL alphabet and a handful of numbers when I was in the 3rd grade

Fact 4// I have two best friends who are dope af in their own ways. Trust me when i say this-keep your circle small

Fact 5// I live in California but I dislike the beach

Fact 6// My favorite colors are yellow, red, orange, and black

Fact 7// I use to have a chocolate labrador named Oso but then my mom broke up with her ex-boyfriend and never saw him again. rip my heart.

Fact 8// My interest in music comes from a wide variety but top 2 genres are r n' b and hip-hip

Fact 9// I freaking love mangos and pineapples but if I eat to much of it my tongue swells up

Fact 10// I tend to cuss a lot


Fact 12// I have a small heart shape tattoo on my left pinky but I am definitely not stopping at just that, I want a full sleeve someday

Fact 13// I love fashion but I'm a broke bitch

Fact 14// I love meeting new people but I am so freaking shy or just have a resting bitch face which leads to people assuming I'm not friendly

Fact 15// Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Khalid are my queens and king

Fact 16// I dislike drama and just bad vibes in general

Fact 17// I find painting and shopping online very therapeutic lol

Fact 18// I wish I knew how to play the guitar and drums

Fact 19// My parents have been divorced since I was 6 years old so I have one blood sibling and six step siblings but I don't talk to half of them

Fact 20// I'm trying to ind my purpose in life day by day

Well that's about it hope you guys enjoyed day one. Until next time,

sinskimmy 🖤