Day One

I haven't tried writing articles before, but this should be a fun experience! @sweetchi suggested that I try it out so I'm glad to join her in doing this challenge. Let's give it a go!

  • 20 Facts About Me
1: I love chocolate way too much.
food, croissant, and chocolate image
2: I prefer film photography over digital.
3: Instagram is my favorite social media.
4: I hope to improve my writing skills this year.
5: Dogs over cats no matter what.
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6: I love to listen to music in my free time.
7: My favorite book is "It's Kind Of A Funny Story."
book image
8: I debate at my school, more people should try it out! It's not as scary as you would think.
9: I also do photography.
10: I even have a darkroom so I can develop my negatives and prints myself!
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11: I love to bake even though I can really only make desserts like brownies, cookies, and cake so far.
12: I really enjoy learning especially anything with English or History class.
13: I can sufficiently speak Spanish, but am working on becoming fluent eventually.
14: I love that I get to meet people across the country through debate.
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15: I used to play the guitar.
16: I also played the viola for a bit.
17: I want to live in another country for a year one day.
18: I love visiting art museums and seeing paintings especially.
girl, art, and museum image
19: I once broke my leg on a slide when I was little.
20: That's all I can think of now. This was way more difficult that I thought, that's why it's a challenge after all.
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Thank all of you who took your time to read this. Hopefully this new way of sharing here on whi is something I should continue trying out!

** edit: Second article is up! Click the link below to check it out.