Hey everybody I just want to talk about this because I saw the movie “COCO” and I’m a Mexican girl so this movie makes me feel proud of this tradition and I want to talk you about somethings that characterized this holiday in Mexico.

Altar of dead

This probably the most popular in thing about this holiday, consist in put an altar like stairs with the image of the person and you put gift for that person, like specific things that person liked, in Mexico is so popular even in the university make an altar for some famous people.

dia de muertos and mexico image altar, dia de muertos, and mexico image

Visit cemetery.

Visit the grave of your relatives or friend or someone who was important to you, and decorate with flowers and other things.

flowers, marigold, and orange image dia de muertos and méxico image

Pan de muerto.

This are bread with sugar and is delicious if you have the opportunity of eating, DO IT! Really is so delicious and more with hot chocolate.

dia de muertos, mexico, and pan de muerto image dia de muertos, pan de muerto, and mexico image

Well this is all for this article actually I didn’t plan write about this but after the movie and other things I feel like I have to write about this and I hope you liked, tomorrow you have an article about Halloween and thanks for all the love.