@TypicalGirl48 has created this awesome 30-day #WhiChallenge, where we are able to get to know each other in the expand of 30 days. All we have to do is answer her daily challenges (or our own, if we have some) and share them with you guys here on WeHeartIt.com.

Hello Lovely Hearters!

So today is the day; the end of the 30 Day Get to Know Me #WhiChallenge by @TypicalGirl48.
It has been a fun and difficult challenge, since I have never written anything like this in my whole life. But I have managed to get through the challenge, with a few days missed though, but I have completed all the challenges and shared them with you.

It has been a self-discovering challenge; I have discovered things about myself, I didn’t knew before, and it has made me much more me. It sounds weird, I know, but I hope you get it?

So for today’s challenge;

List 10 things you could hope to be remembered for.

I hope I will be remembered for...
1) Making other people happy

happy, laugh, and laughter image happy, people, and quotes image

2) Being a great wife and mother

Image by L I V wedding image

3) Being a good daughter, sister, grandchild, you name it

siblings, brother, and sisters image quotes, spoiled, and me image

4) Being an understanding person - a person everyone can come to

understand image attention, understand, and give advice image

5) Being a good friend

black and white, brave, and faith image quotes image

6) Helping people whenever I can

audrey hepburn image quotes, help, and people image

7) Spreading love and not anger

aesthetic, alternative, and hello image quotes, kindness, and sprinkle image

8) Being a positive person

motivation image positivity, quotes, and positive image

9) Being good at my job

book, study, and school image study, school, and inspiration image quotes, pink, and success image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

10) Inspiring a person, no matter how much or little

pink, inspire, and neon image quotes, inspiration, and inspiring image


This was the end of the #WhiChallenge. I hope you have loved or/and liked reading my answers as much as I have loved writing them. Thank you for everything, I will see you soon ;-)

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