The story behind this article...
Me: So I can write an article about... about anything? Wow. Let's do it!
Inner me: But you don't have any ideas! And you can't speak English either!
Me: Google translate is my friend. And I also have an idea: I will share my favorite songs with everyone!
Inner me: Do you think anybody is interested in an article about your fav songs? Really?
Me: No... but it's fun!

My favorite songs in October

Bury Your Heart by Flyleaf
Rise by Ashes Remain
Broken Pieces by Apocalyptica and Lacey Sturm
The Light Behind Your Eyes by My Chemical Romance
Collide by Skillet
There'll Come A Day by The Letter Black
Take The Bullets Away by We As Human and Lacey Sturm
Never Surrender by Skillet
Falling Sky by Red

These are not my all time favorite songs, but I really love them <3
(I also love more bands and singers)

Thank you for reading this <3

- Lysra