No regrets

That feeling when you have to move out
Away from your parents to live your dreams
Being independent, all alone
And into the big city with dashing lights and blinding spots
Where you have to fit in and always be on fleek
Looking hella bomb all day, everyday
Going through drama and struggling to live life
Being exhausted with work to continue what you already have
New friends, the true ones and the fake ones
Karma and success
Blind dates and broken hearts
You gotta go through it all
And when the time has come
You’re ready to go

This is about a person with big dreams and is in the right age to move out and into the place she want to go to achieve her dreams but then realised the struggles or difficulties she has to go through to get or be what she want to be in her life. When I was writing this, I was thinking about the people who are from the far parts of the United States who want to move to the big gorgeous city (ex: New York) where everything is beautiful but little did they know how hard it is to live in this busy city where you have to work hard like really hard to maintain living in here. The taxes, monthly rents, everything. Even the people living in there, you have to get along with them. You should also look good, on style and stunning everyday to be able to compete with the people around you and also because this place is the place of fashion where people are always on style.