Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first we heart it article! I had no clue what to make my first post about but lately, I've been planning for 2018 to be one of the best years of my life. I thought that it would be a great idea to create this post and share it with you all and to also have it for myself to look back on later. Enjoy. (:

❤︎ Goal No. 1

girl, study, and motivation image book, library, and study image apple, fairy lights, and room image study, school, and notes image
Become more studious. Starting the college semester in January. Wish me luck.

❤︎ Goal No. 2

food, healthy, and salmon image food, healthy, and Chicken image food, delicious, and breakfast image spaghetti, goodforyou, and food# image
Eat better food. I tend to eat foods that aren't so great for me. Changing that now and into the new year.

❤︎ Goal No. 3

fitness, abs, and girl image yoga, fitness, and motivation image fitness, body, and nike image Image by F A S H I ♡ N
Exercising to improve my mind and body. (:

❤︎ Goal No. 4

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Travel!!!! Finally get my passport! Fly on my first plane! Get back onto a train! Roadtrip with family and friends! It's long overdue.

❤︎ Goal No. 5

car and photography image classic, indie, and old cars image
Own my dream car.

❤︎ Goal No. 6

calmness, flow, and water image
Lastly is just to enjoy the year. Every single day is precious and we should cherish it by being with family and friends. Also by just doing what we love most. Leaving our comfort zones by trying new things that can better us as a person. No doubt 2018 will be a great year. This year has taught me that a lot of things can change in just 365 days. I have no regrets from this year and don't plan on having any going into 2018. Thank you for reading my blog. -xoxo