I always found it strange how I never dreamt about him. I mean it was no secret that I was in love with him, and I surely though about him 24/7 so why didn't I dream about him?
I thought about him before I went to bed, creating scenarios in my head before I fell asleep hoping it would somehow happen. My mother always said "if your life isn't going as planned, create a better life in your mind"
But he never showed up in my dreams.
I never saw those brown eyes appear in my head, and I never dreamt about his inevitable smile. I once told him I barely see him laugh, and he replied by saying "ironic"
"How is that ironic?", I asked
"because you're always making me laugh, yet you never see me laugh"
I've talked to him until 5am the morning and still didn't dream about him once I fell asleep.
I couldn't understand how it was possible.
I was the dreamer- the girl that dreamed of a better life.
Does it mean that he isn't a better life?
Then I realized, the brown eyed boy wasn't in my dreams, because he wasn't the guy of my dreams.
He was real, and cold, and head strong.

He was the boy of my reality.