I got on a plane. I left everything at home. I tried not to think about leaving my life. I tried to convince myself that this decision is right. I tried to forget that everything will change the minute I step into that plane. It was hard, but nobody said it would be easy. I was prepared to feel the burning hell under my skin and not be able to escape it for months. But I did it. I didn't look back. And now I wouldn't change my decision if I could go back in time. I'm not pleased that I always have one part of my life on the other side of the globe waiting for me to come back but I realised that with time everything falls back into place. I don't really miss the place or the country, I miss the people who got under my skin. I can say they are great part of who I am.

The UK was full of experiences, new things I haven't been introduced to in my homeland. Experiences are fun, they make you feel like life isn't that different from the movies. I won't lie to you - it is, the reality kicks in soon after the energy rush. The good thing is that experiences become memories and, trust me, there is no money that is worth a good memory. Do you know that feeling when a random throwback comes to your mind in the most random situation? It feels like a sip of a sweet bubbly champagne or a cozy blanket and a good movie on a rainy Sunday.

The point is that you should collect less things and experience more. When you travel, forget your phone, forget taking pictures for Instagram, texting your friends to make sure they keep track of your life. Live as this is your last breath. Collect things only so they can remind you of a good time you had drinking wine in Paris, tasting pizza in Italy, walking in the streets of London,...

And please, don't buy that new pair of shoes, go get yourself a plane ticket.