I told myself I wouldn't.

But it's exactly what I did.

And now my heart is sick and aching.

And I feel myself slipping--falling closer to the ground day by day.

I don't know why, out of everyone else it could've loved, my heart chose you.

I never wanted to fall for you.

I never wanted to fall for anyone.

But here I am, obsessed with brown eyes and messy hair.

Obsessed with the lovely hurt my heart feels every time I look at you.

I know you'll never know me--at least not completely.

And I know you'll never love me.

But that's okay.

You've given all the love songs a whole new meaning.

And while I might never change a love song for you, that's okay.

I'll just keep all this hurt to myself, and it'll either die out or die with me.

I might not like the idea of that.

I might prefer to let my love for you live.

But that's just not how things were meant to be.

And that's okay.