(bare with my English grammar, I'm not professional writer but I would like to share this thought of mine)

Some girls easily fall in love, we experience things like self torturing, what I mean to self torturing is when you over think everything about that guy (like you think he doesn't care to you then your heart ache even the truth is he doesn't even know that you love him or you like him).

We also have this kind of mind set where we even think that we are not enough for him or we are too ugly that's why he never looks at us but the truth is he's just busy or he doesn't really care cause he likes someone else.

Today is a modern era where you are free to speak out your thoughts or share your thoughts. I also fall in love once when I was in college with someone else but I never tried to speak up my feelings to him, I keep my feelings to myself until I graduated. But later, I'v learned that he also liked me but its too late cause he'v got a girlfriend. Well I'm moved on with that.

Now the question is, is it okay to speak out your feelings? like (you're a girl and he is a guy). the answer is yes, you can speak it out to inform him about your feelings. But take note that even if you speak out it louder if he likes someone else you can't change the situation. So don't go to that situation where you build your hopes high, you don't know what's out there, stop opening the wide space. soon it will filled with so much pain.

If he is for you he will. but please love yourself first.