hii ! I thought I'd answer a few random questions about The 1975 . enjoy :)

1. Who's your favourite member ?

I love them all so much , but I would choose Matty since he's like one of my favourite humans ever . he's just so genuine and amazing and who doesn't love him ??

2. First song you heard from The 1975 and how you discovered them .

One of my friends mentioned the bands name and I thought "hey , why don't I check them out ?" so in December 2015 I downloaded a few songs and the first song I heard was either Girls or Heart Out .

3. Favourite Song ?

THIS IS A HARD ONE . probably Robbers , fallingforyou , UGH! or Somebody Else .

4. Which song do you think is underrated ?

Me . that song is so beautiful and heart-breaking and wOw .

5. Which song is overrated ?

The City . All of their songs are amazing and I love the city but I don't know it's not me favourite

6. What's your favourite lyric ?

"step into your skin ? I'd rather jump in your bones"
"that orange English light cast only one singular shadow , for you are not beside . but within me"

and that's it ! sorry it was so short :/ .

- cat x.