There are numerous reasons why I love Halloween, however, there are ten reasons why it truly makes me so happy. Halloween is the epitome of hate for some people, but for some it is an absolute thrill. While it may have skulls and witches and all of the creepy goons and goblins representing its name, Halloween started from the Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celts celebrated Halloween as the last day of the year, November 1 marked their new year. The Celts were located in the United Kingdom and northern France. This day marked the end of the summer sun, the harvest, beginning of the cold, and winter.

Reason One ;

  • The colors of the season! I really love these dark color like black, dark purple but also the orange and red!

Reason Two ;

  • The candy part is the most funniest thing in Halloween! How doesn't love candys? Little, i used to steal half of the candys from my little brother.

Reason Three ;

  • I love to look at all of the crazy costumes peoples can wear every years! Halloween is a time of the year where you can freely express what character you've wanted to be since you were a kid!

Reason Four ;

  • Although I am a scaredy cat, I love to go to haunted houses because it is so much fun to hang out with friends and have a good time on a dark, breezy autumn night. There are so many different types of haunted houses to attend too. the options are endless.

Reason Five ;

  • All of theses decorations are absolutely gorgeous! I love when people get creative and make their houses look like a creepy emporium!

Reason Six ;

  • All the TV shows and movies that we can watch! For example ; Saw, The Exorcist, Halloween Town, Sleepy Hallow, American Horror Story, The Addams Family, Ghost Busters and more! Oh did i mention Carrie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice and Corpse Bride?

Reason Seven ;

  • Halloween has great music!

Look at this, it's so cool, right?

Reason Eight ;

  • Who doesn't love to carve pumpkins?

Reason Nine ;

  • In my opinion, one of the greatest things about Halloween is that almost everyone can participate in it (unlike more religious holiday, such as Christmas). There's an exciting sense of community that comes with dressing up in silly / sexy / scary costumes and coming together for trick-or-treating or a party. The fact that stores pop up each year solely for the purpose of selling Halloween costumes is pretty awesome, and really says something about the feeling of community that happens each season.

And Finally, Reason Ten ;

  • IT'S HOLLIDAY! And my birthday is also on this month! Halloween has a scary feeling, you know? I really love that!

— That's it!

I hope you all liking this article! Thank you for reading this!

Happy Halloween for everyone!

— Anna,