Love is complicated... That's been known for thousands of years, None the less people expect it to be easy, and they expect feelings to just disappear.

Nearly a month ago (another 3 days but who's counting) my ex boyfriend and I broke up, because of life, because of his dreams and because of his course in uni. Imagine that! Two people madly in love... you know, the type that gets sparks when they kiss and laugh at the most stupid things, the type of relationship where one person can completely open up to another... the type that makes you think you would spend your life with this person and never be bored or fall out of love.

Unfortunately life doesn't work like that; So even if you love them and even if they love you, you can't ask them to chose. You can't hate them, like i said... it's complicated. It's chaotic and makes zero sense but it's what happens.

So now my feelings for him are partly buried, and now there’s someone else catching my eye, don't get me wrong I’m not going to run into a relationship but hey there's nothing wrong with dating.

This guy he's fun and funny and if anything he's a friend. A friend i flirt with and will probably go on what classifies as a 'date' with, but I don't know like I said I'm burying my emotions for the guy I thought might have been those two letters...SM and not the kinky kind. I guess I went through all the stages of grief and I've accepted it's over with him.... and we're never going to be together again.

So i guess my advice is, regardless of who's in your life people leave, it can be from betrayal or it can be just because life got in the way.. worst case it can be because of death. Nothing last's forever and that’s not a bad thing, remember to live in the now, enjoy every memory being made and every smile that comes onto your face. Live, Love and Laugh now. Never forget that time is an illusion, that love isn't measured in months or years but in emotion, that a moment can last longer then it should.