For me it is the time of the year when you relax, learn something new, take care of yourself, watch movies, drink hot drinks, enjoy time with your friends, and make plans for future.

Fall Activities:

  • Coffee Shops

Go to coffee shops, discover new places in your town where you can sit down drink something hot, draw or write and just relax.

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  • Watch movies

There are tons of halloween, romance, fall themed movies you could watch and they're great
here are some:
- Hocus Pocus
- Harry Potter
- The Duff
- Knight and Day

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  • Decorate your room

Read this amazing article for ideas :

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  • Take a Bath

Your need to relax sometimes, maybe light up some candles, put on good music and use a bathbomb.

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  • Write/Draw something

Just put your thoughts on paper or draw something cool, you can also start a bullet journal.

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  • Go Cycling/Walking

You can go for a bike ride if you have one, or just go walking in nature or even in the city.

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  • Read a book

Start reading a new book, go to the bookstore or library and pick out a new book.

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  • Workout

You can start working out a bit, maybe going for a run even start yoga.

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  • Halloween

Plan or go to a halloween party with a costume or halloween makeup. Carve a pumpkin, watch scary movies...

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  • Make a Bonfire

And grill marshmallows, sing songs together with good friends and tell scary stories.

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  • Go shopping

Go shopping for fall and winter clothes.

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  • Make a Spa night

make a spa night with your bestfriend, pamper yourselves, paint nails, hair masks...

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  • Take photos

You can organise photoshoots with your friends or just take coffee pictures or pictures of your cozy bed or outfit pictures...

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