Dark circles threaten to swallow pleading eyes,
As small hands tremble and bruises ache.
Beer bottles roll and clink,
Don't wake the slumbering dragon, he breathes.

Don't tell anyone please, a broken boy whispers.
You want to scream, to yell, to break,
You want to say no.
The cut over his left eye is still bleeding and you wish -

He'll - the word breaks and bleeds into the night.
The "kill me" is written in the
Shards of shattered glass embedded in his palm.
To scared to say it, you wonder why even years later.

His grip paints bruises circling your wrist,
Black and blue, black and blue and red all over.
Anger fills your lungs, dark and poisonous,
I won't, you swear and he smiles around bloodied teeth