writer's block is the most painful thing to ever experience, all the ideas are flowing in your head but out of nowhere they just disappear when you are writing, these are the things i do when i have a writer's block, if you are experiencing one right now than try these, might help.

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i don't meant exploring as going out of your country, i meant it by exploring anywhere, not like the kind in dora the explorer, by exploring you might see some things that can inspire you to new ideas, roam around your town, maybe it'll help or you can even explore your own house, go to the basement or the ceiling and see your old stuff and who knows you might get inspired?

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this is an important thing for me when i'm having a writer's block, go to your nearest music store or itunes and look for new artists, new albums that you haven't heard, put your headphones on, let the songs play!

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lots of people find it stupid when i do this but photography has helped me a lot while having a writers block, i know you're thinking how photography helps a writer but it does helps me, i'm not sure that It'l help you or not but go out try it your own, take a camera everywhere you go and take pictures of random things, maybe it'll help?

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when i'm having a writers block, i don't think way too much about it, i just sit back and close my eyes and think about things, when you feel relaxed, you instantly get ideas popped in your head.

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i'm not gonna lie, dreaming does helps a writer's block, i mean 'dreaming' made me write about a book that i never thought I'd write about, it was just a dream and i got inspired by it, it doesn't matter whether it was a nightmare or a good dream, go to sleep and see if it works on you.

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take out your instrument and play the song's you like, relax, don't think too much, just keep on playing, maybe it'll help you?

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i'm not telling you to steal someone's work, i'm telling you to read their stuff and if you get inspired any of it, ask the permission to use that idea in your book and if the author agrees then, that's it.

alright folks, that's how i deal with writer's block, try these things out maybe it'll help you too?

Take out your typewriters/laptops and start writing.