Today, it's raining. Why is that significant? Well, there's just something about the rain, that just makes my soul so happy. I am so content when it rains. I could be having the worst day, but as soon as I feel rain on my head, my day does a full 360. It's an instant mood lift for me.
What do I like about the rain, you might ask (or not ask), I love the smell of it, how the earth feels under my feet when I walk, how nature looks, feeling each drop on my skin, and the fact that it's the perfect time to curl up under blankets, watch a movie while sipping on hot chocolate. Anyone else?
So here are some of the things I like to do when it rains:

1. Running in the rain.

grunge, run, and aesthetic image Image by F E L I S
This could probably lead to the flu, but it's well worth it.

2. Watch a movie.

fall and autumn image netflix, yellow, and article image
Put on some Disney, horror, romance, basically anything is better on a rainy day.

3. Drink hot chocolate.

autumn, fall, and coffee image autumn, coffee, and fall image
Rain means colder weather. Perfect hot chocolate weather.

4. Read a book.

book, reading, and read image book, cozy, and coffee image
I love sitting on a couch, buried in a book.

5. Nap.

anna, bed, and nap image winter, bed, and sleep image
Falling asleep to sound of rain, umm, yes please.

Basically rain is my love language. Give me rain, anyway. But not too much, cause you know the sun is nice too.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Have a great day!