hey guys. so i decided to write an article about brooklyn nine nine, and reasons why people should watch it. so uhm yeah, enjoy ;)

what is it about?

well first of all, brooklyn nine nine is a tv show about a group of cops/friends that work at a police station. it's about the main character jake, and he solves cases and other stuff happens (sorry, i'm bad at explaining this kinda stuff).


  • jake peralta played by andy samberg
  • amy santiago played by melissa fumero
  • rosa diaz played by stephanie beatriz
  • terry jeffords played by terry crews
  • charles boyle played by joe lo truglio
  • gina linetti played by chelsea peretti
  • captain raymond holt played by andre braugher
  • norman scully (mostly reffered to as scully) played by john mckinnon miller
  • micahel hitchcock (mostly reffered to as hitchcock) played by dirk blocker

reasons to watch it

(i just gotta say that i'm trying not to spoil anything for those who haven't watched it yet, but sorry if i do.)

  • the first reason i think everyone should watch it, is because so funny and one of those "feel good" shows (if you know what i mean). it's funny, but not in a offensive way. it takes up important issues in the real world but still manage to make it funny (again, in a not offensive way!!).
  • the second reason, is that all the characters are so unique, but despite the differences they still respect each other. they're all so different. we have two black dads and one of them is gay, we have two latina daughters, two white sons, gina, and a strange giant baby.
  • third reason is that the show shows (see what i did there?) true and real love. yes, there is romantic relationships BUT they're not like on any other show. they don't focus mainly on the romantic relationships and the whole show doesn't rely on them. they don't break up every other episode. they show that you can find real love, and that even tho you're both different you can still work it out.


if you live in the u.s., the show is on fox on tuesdays.
there are 4 whole seasons and the 5th is still coming.
there is about 23 episodes in each season, and one episode lasts for about 20 minutes.
the theme song is very catchy.
if you don't like cop shows, that's not an excuse to not watch the show. they could've been bakers, singers, or whatever and it would still be as amazing as it is.

i hope someone took the time to read this, and i hope that i inspired any of you to begin watching it. it's a really amazing tv show, and i think that not enough people know about it. it almost got cancelled, so please watch it. it would mean a lot to everyone.

(and also i gotta say that i'm sorry if there's any spelling errors, i don't have autocorrect on here and english is not my first language. please don't judge my writing skills.)

also you can go check out my brooklyn nine nine collection if you're interested.

I'd just like to say I am happy to be here with my family. My super weird family with two black dads, and two Latina daughters, and two white sons, and Gina. And I don't know what you are. Some strange giant baby?
- Jake Peralta