I like to go iceskating beecause I practiced since I was 16 till I was 14 but I stopped doing it as a sport because school is more important and I was hadn't good notes in that period, I practiced ten hours a week.
now I started riding horse and I enjoy it but I do it as hobby so I go some saturdays, not always.
music is everything to me, I play the piano sonce I was seven and I love it, then my parents let me go to a middle musical school, the school of the conservatory, and there I became always better. now I'm going to learn how to play the cello.
other passions are languages, I want to know a lot of languages in he future so I'm learning Italian, english, german and french in school and spanish and swedish alone in the freetime or weekends.
my intentions are good so I hope I'll learn these languages and continue the hoppy I have.