Hey love, welcome back<3

So I said would go to bed when it was around 9 pm and now it 10 pm, so an hour have passed and what have I been doing?
I've been packing gift for my big brother and now I'm eating popcorn, while I'm drinking tea and hearing music out of the loud speakers.

And that is what normal go down on a week day at my dads place, but I'm not complaining I like it a lot, just sitting with my dad, hearing music, eating popcorn and talk.

That is my favorite things to do with my dad, because it's so lazy and nice and making me feel good, even if I had a bad day, not to say that my day to day was bad, is was really good, today was one of my favorite days since comping back to school.

But now almost 10:10 pm I think I need to get to bed if I'm going to be fresh tomorrow

so night night see ya tomorrow

love marie <3