This Halloween I have had many ideas floating around my head costume wise. I cannot decide which one is better. I thought writing an article about each one would help me out, and I could maybe help one of you readers out there with your costumes as well. Enjoy!

1. Steampunk

For those of you who do not know what this means, steampunk as stated by the Merriam Webster is defined as science fiction dealing with the 19th-century societies dominated by historical or imagined steam-powered technology. A few of these outfits are featured below.

steam punk and steampunk image fashion, girl, and steampunk image

For a woman, normally this outfit features a corset with a hat decorated with gears whom color differs from gold to silver. Men usually have Victorian pants and shirt. Usually an individual has a (fake) gun, alchemist bottles, and/or (fake) knives to complete the outfit.

I looked for all of these items on eBay and Amazon. My total cost for a corset, gears (for decoration), and a nerf gun was just over $40. I found I had a Victorian styled long sleeve shirt, shoes that would work, and a ruffled skirt in my closet, so those expenses are not included.

The makeup I was thinking of doing is just a simple gold eye with a cat eyeliner and my normal cover-up and blush. I can do something different by using my eyeliner to make black gears on my face or using the same cold color to make them. The one purchase I did already make for this outfit is a rustic maroon color lipstick. It was only $2.50 because I got it on sale. The brand is Elf and I don't remember the colors name.

2. "It" Clown

We all know who the "It" clown is. This is my women version of the iconic clown.

yellow, fashion, and dress image dress, fashion, and yellow image boheme, boho, and dress image autumn, fashion, and model image

In order to make this cheap, I looked for a simple yellow dress that was cheap. Luckily on eBay I found a used yellow dress in my size for only $7.00. I plan on then using color splatter to make it every color I possibly can. I have not looked to see how much those colors will cost yet.

cheap cosplay costume, best anime cosplay, and short blue wig image

Now the anime wig I liked is a little longer, curly, and an eerie blue that shows a little black. I found it on eBay for around $17. If you don't like this color, any color would work, but I went for a darker color to portray a creepier clown.

I was just planning on using my own makeup for the face. I don't want an entire white face, so I guess I'm going for a more American Horror Story-"It" clown mix.

3. Badass Women

The title sounds a little crazy I know but they all combine into one group so I didn't want to bore you with an unnecessary long article. With this title I was thinking of going anywhere from Kim Possible to Maze from Lucifer.

badass, beautiful, and catwoman image Avengers, black widow, and badass image black, aesthetic, and black widow image Image by Yume

Basically I want to wear all black and have guns and knives and look cool. Kim Possible probably started this obsession of mine. I think the black would be slimming for someone my size and a tight outfit would look splendid on me as well. I have mostly everything I need in my closet already except for the black pants. I do not know how much that will set me back.

My makeup would be exaggerated black eyelids and eyeliner with my normal cover up and blush. I don't really have the money to spend on different makeup which is why most of these costumes will use the makeup I have already acquired. That will also keep costs down.

4. Assassin

This one has always been a dream of mine but I haven't been able to because the jacket or whatever it called has been to expensive. It still is, but now that I am a little better at sewing, I might try and make one myself.

Mature image girl image deviantart, art drawing, and assasin image

My assassin costume would have knives, a sword, and I would also have a bow. I can wear the corset from the steampunk costume or vise versa depending on which one I do, so that is also a good thing. The mouse assassin is just there for your viewing pleasure.

I haven't quite figured out what to do for the makeup yet. I'm thinking of going a little bold and drawing lines on my face or symbols but I don't know yet. I haven't thoroughly looked up all the images and information I can.

5. Mermaid

I might as well have something on here that is super popular this year. Even if I don't use it this year, I can save it for when it isn't.

1920s, crown, and goddess image mermaid costume image costume, make up, and scales image little mix, perrie edwards, and Halloween image

I like making things myself and the mermaid bra and the tiara is just my fix. I can use a cheap Walmart bra and dazzle it up to look like the one in the picture, however I wouldn't make mine see through. I don't like showing that much skin. For the tiara, I could buy a dollar store or hobby lobby tiara and fix it up to look nice. The shoes would have to be flats because I cant wear high heels for long.

mermaid image skirt and mermaid image

For the bottoms, I was thinking of a flowing skirt or spandex. It gets a little cold where I am from, so I am trying to think of costumes that would be warmer. This one might be a little bit of an exception because of the top half. I might have to come up with a warmer version of this costume before I can go along with it.

6. Feathered

This one is just any costume that has feathers on them. I think feathers are cool and they make creepy costumes.

game of thrones and sansa image photography image angel, dress, and wings image art, character, and costume image

The pictures above are just a few of the things I can do with feathers. There are so many more possibilities.

**As of right now, I am leaning towards the Steampunk outfit because i have always wanted to have a corset and I can use it for many things. I will update this article if I find anything else interesting to be for Halloween. Hope all you beautiful people are having a lovely day/night!