So Hey you……

yeah so this is my first article, and I don't really know what to put out here.
so why not, tell a bit about myself.

I'm 16, turning 17 in February, I'm living in Denmark and it's kinda cold here a lot, I'm kinda tomboy ish and like that about myself, I have really light hair like some people from Sweden have.
I really like reading, watching horror and sometimes romantic movies, tea, and just being around friends.

I'm going in 10th grade and just living life like another teen.
I've been to 3 different schools, and I'm on my 3th right now.
Many tells me, I'm reminding them about Sam from "iCarly" the tv show, and at the same time I'm Carly.

I really like to watch youtube, I watch Liza Koshy, MyLifeAsEva, iiSuperWomenii and many others.

I hope you are having a really good day.

love marie <3 <3