1. My Sister's Keeper
This novel left me devastated. I don't know if I love it or if I hate it. But I'm sure I cared from my heart for Anna. I bawled my eyes out during the last one hundred pages.

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2. The Book Thief
I'm haunted by this book. Three weeks after I had finished reading this masterpiece just by the thought of it I started crying.

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3. Little Women
Why my sweet and kind Beth... why? In my country this book was dived in two parts- Little Women and Good Wives. When I was in six grade I read Little Women and after two years I learned that It had a second part. Of course I decided to read Good Wives and I think that with that act my heart broke a little.

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4. A Walk to Remember
I gave this book a try because I loved the movie. I deceived myself that the impact wouldn't be that huge since I knew the plot. When I finished reading it I couldn't stop crying for three hours straight.

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5. Allegiant
At the beginning of the book I was questioning myself why there was a point of view from Tobias's side. Well, at the end I found out why... I loved the Divergent series but the ending ruined me.

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