As weird, unbelievable or strange it may seem, you can create the life you've always wanted. How? Believing.
Yes, yes... it's not that easy. But what if I told you it is?
Alright, first you have to know what kind of life you want. You'll only have what you want if you know what it is. Do you want an adventurous life? A calm life? A simple life? An eventful life? What do you want?

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Ok, now you know what you want. You only have to make it come true. But how exactly? As difficult and impossible it may seem to have the life you want, you can have it if you truly believe you can. You can't have doubts about it and worry about how will you make it real. If you're doubting you're not believing. And it is by truly believing that it will come true that it will indeed come true.

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But, wait... so you can just lay in bed, believe you'll have an amazing life and it will come to you? No! I can't stress enough how believing is important, however, you also have to work for it. Do something that will ensure you that you can have the life you want. Believing will just make it easier and faster.
For example, let's say you have an incredible voice and want to become a famous singer. You won't achieve it if you only sing when no one's around and don't do anything towards achieving your goal. Record yourself singing, post it to the internet, look for people in the industry that can help you, apply for singing jobs at bars, weddings... there's a lot you can do. And while you're working for it, believe it, do not doubt yourself and know your worth and that you deserve the life you want.

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Same for other jobs or lifestyles you possibly want. You can get everything you want if you believe you can have it and work for it.

Be happy for the life you have right now even if it's not the perfect life you've always dreamt of because one day it will be exactly as you want it if you believe and work for it.

Be grateful, believe in your dreams and work towards your goals.

Thank you for reading.

~ me (@loveinbrooklyn)