Most of us, in some point of our lives, we had wished to be someone else. Maybe that popular girl in highschool or that clever one that always get high grades without even studying that much or maybe Gigi Hadid? What about her? She is only 22 and all the world is talking about her. She is gorgeous! She has an amazing pretty face and body and she is the idol of hundred young girls! And Gigi is only an example. So many beautiful and succesfull girls and women out there! They don't have to be famous models, actors, singers, writers, youtubers etc. they could simply be that girl that lives in the next block from your house, your boyfrien's ex, the girl that sits at the front desk. You know what I am talking about. She is that girl that makes you feel a little bit jealous. That one, that sometimes makes you feel you wish you were her because she is good at something or because she has something that you wish you had. I've been there and is so uncool. It makes you feel like you are not enough. Awful..

I used to have this bad habit to compare myself to every other girl I met since I was 12. "Her hair is longer than mine", "Her eyes are blue. I bet she can make a boy fall easyier for her", "She is thinner","She get higher grades, she is smartet than I am" and a ton of other dangerous thoughts that were poisoning my mind. And when I was 14, things get even worst and I had to fight all this shit. I suffered from inferiority comlex. Such a hard thing to deal with, especially when you are a teenager. But I did. At least, I thought I did until I fell in love for the very first time, before six months. Everything changes when you fall in love.

Girls, I met that guy that changed my life and the way I see everything, even myself. He is quite handsome, so a lot of girls were trying to flirt with him but he was always loyal to me and do you know why? Because he was back in love with me and he couldn't risk to do anything that could take me away from him. How flattering and sweet of him, right?
But still... Seeing all this attractive, sexy girls approaching him and knowing that his ex was a model and was trying to get him back were driving me crazy! I didn't know how to handle this. It was "too much" for me. All these demons called "insecurities", that I had locked in a cage inside me, were screaming and without even realising I had set them free. "Well done, girl!" I said to myself. "And now, let the chaos begin!"

Believe it or not, this chaos made me today to reconcile to myself. I needed this chaos, because I got back his love. And his love was the key to lock these demons back in the cage. He made me feel unique. Special. He loved me so much that I couldn't handle not loving myself. He loved every single flaw, every single imperfection. I saw myself through his eyes and this change of perspective change not only the way I see me but the way I see life. Crazy?

Okay girls. Time to face the true.
Let's be honest to ourselves. There is always gonna be that girl out there that is gonna be smarter, cutier, sexier etc. The thing is that no matter how beautiful or clever she is, she never gonna be you. She doesn't have your heart and your soul, things that really matter and make you unique. The different way you see life, your big dreams, your crazy imagination, your stupid habits. Small pieces that make up you. Only you.

So, what if you change too the perspective you see yourself? What if you even change perspective of the way you see other girls? What if you decide this very moment to stop getting jealous of that girl you have right now in your mind -because trust me you really don't have to- and replace the word "jealous" from your dictionary with "admire"?
But only people worth admiring that make you discover the better, brighter side of you. Not make you feel like you are nothing. People that motivate you.

Girls, YES I am addressing ALL of you, we need to support each other. Teach that to yourself and to your sister and later to your daughter. Let's make a small change.

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Thank you so much for your time reading this. I just wanted to share my midnight thoughts with you. It's my first article, I hope you liked it!

Love all of you yourselves!

(P.S. Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language.)