Hallo! I have always wanted to start a blog. I never known it would be here... As you may know, it´s october and I though share why I like fall/some stuff to do in the fall! Leeeeeet´s goooooooo!

1. You can take some incredible pics outside!

autumn image
This is me in Sweden in some random garden!

But here´s some REAL pics from TALENTED photographs!

girl, autumn, and fall image autumn, girl, and Halloween image autumn, leaves, and fall image autumn, fall, and leaves image

2. You can just chill!

autumn, book, and fall image
I don´t really read books, I´m more of a netflix person but hey, it´s still chill AF to read!

I LOVE chill! Not netflix and chill😏More like a "chill in the bed yaaaaaaas" feeling... I don´t have a love life so far sooooo😬

3. Lisen to music!

aesthetic, classy, and iphone image

I loooooooove music! Here´s some of my fav songs in the fall! Btw I have really weird taste of music but whatever...

  • 1-800-273-8255 by logic, Alissa Cara and Khalid.

I really love this song. Why, you may ask. Because it has a really powerful meaning and have you seen the music video? It´s soooo sad but also so beautiful in the end!

  • Medusa by KSI.

This song give me some feels! He sings about his fame (I guess) and about how hard it really is to be famous. I really love both KSI´s songs but also his youtube channel! I kinda look up to him...😬

  • White roses by Charli xcx.

I know, this song is kinda about snow and stuff, but still, it´s a kinda "rain song". Like the feeling when it´s maybe dark outside and it rains outside! It´s really good!

  • Out loud by Gabbie hanna/The gabby show.

This song is really powerful too! It´s both powerful and chill. IDK I just like it!

4. Cook/Bake!

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

When it´s fall outside, it´s often very rainy and windy. It´s then I like to bake/cook! It´s almost halloween, and there, you can make some really cool cookies/stuff to halloween!

autumn, fall, and food image donuts, Halloween, and autumn image Cookies, autumn, and fall image Halloween image

5. Choose to be social/antisocial!

girl, light, and friends image fall, autumn, and pumpkin image

I feel like I´m both. Sometimes I feel like being with friends, but sometimes I just want to lay in my bed and watching yt or netflix.

And that´s all! I hope u like this FKN weird/cozy blog... IDK...BYEEEEEEEEEEEE😂