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some don't like autumn. we all know the people who say; "autumn is the month of dying". the leaves fall, it starts raining more often, it gets colder, and to them, it is just simply depressing.

even if you aren't that person, you might have thought about it too.
everyone does think about the negative stuff sometimes..

but why?

i think it's because autumn is when people's lives (mostly teenager's) get a bit worse. i'm sorry, not worse; let's say: more stressful.

it's back to school, you have to get back to studying, your mom won't let you go out on wednesday nights and mostly, you have to deal with negative people again.

because in the summer, you could just ignore them; go with your friends somewhere else.

but school makes it harder, right? those goddamn classmates, you got a bad mark, your math teacher is an arrogant asshole, you don't have time to work out, or go with friends, or do all the things that made you happy in the summer.

but now i ask you to think it trough.
nature goes trough the same, in the summer it is it's greenest, it's colorful, it's bright but.. with fall, it decides to take a step back.

so should you.

grab that book you wanted to read, put on your favorite sweater, drink hot chocolate.
take the biggest, fanciest, most relaxing bubble bath on saturday night instead of partying til 3am. you can go next week.
do your nails while face-timing your best friend.
write your goddamn homework instead of stalking your ex on social media.
delete old pictures of bad memories, and people who have let you down.

take care of yourself, your life and mental health.

because when autumn arrives;
you can let your leaves fall too.
get naked in front of yourself, and focus on who you are; and who you want to be next summer.

take your time to realize your priorities.

you spent the summer with your friends.
it's time to spend some time on yourself.
on family.

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thank you for reading. <3