Hello everyone ! Today Im going to write my absolutely first artictle on WHI and I hope you´ll like it. Its October 7th so its fall and this year Im so in fall mood. I hope you are too but if you arent, I have some tips for you !
1. Make a tea, coffe, hot chocolate.. whatever hot to drink !

autumn, book, and fall image
autumn, fall, and leaves image

2. Read a book. My favourite books are Before I met you, Girl Online, Let it snow (actually all John Green´s book) or Ketchup clouds

book, tea, and autumn image

3. Or watch a serial or movie.

autumn, book, and harry potter image

4. Put lights to your bedroom

light, bed, and candle image

5.Go to the forest and just look around

forest and photography image

Okey, there ware a few of my tips. i hope it helps a bit:) Maybe I will do part 2, because I have much more tips !