In our society it's so difficult for young girls and woman to build up a stable self-confidence or even to accept themselves. Magazins, fashion tv shows, internet stars everywhere. You always see the perfect side of life and are constantly comparing yourself with incomparable people not knowing that they have struggles in life, too. Surround by those false virtuality's teenagers are getting a low self- esteem and craving for attributes they will never have. Society nowadays makes young girls broken. There is a dark number of girls having an eating disorder. Just because you don't look like an anorexic girl it doesn't mean that you are not one. But not only girls are fighting with those unrealistic requirements. There are a lots of boys or young men having these eating disorders, too. Expecting them to be "manly" with strong muscles or whatever. Many of you may remember the time in school where you have to be like the majority to be accepted. We preach to be different but when there is someone being that way this kind of person would be the next victim. I don't know how about you but I was that kind of person standing out without even wanting it. I spent my school time hiding "my real self". It was hard because no matter what there where always people talking about you. We are humans and humans make mistakes.
It's so sad that everyone has to remain perfect and can't show their weaknesses otherwise you would be vulnerable. But so what? Why is it so bad to be vulnerable or even weak? We are just humans and not machines. Everybody thinks that way. I know. But no one say it out loud. That's why we are still hiding behind our masks pretending to be people we will never be.

We have to take action. STOP TO RESTRICT YOURSELF and be the REAL you! Embrace the real YOU. Because your are the best REAL YOU.