This is my first relationship and i have no clue what i should do.
It s been a couple of months it s happened and i thought he was over it, until today. His friend tells me that this is the saddest and most serious he s been about anything. My ex told his friend "God damn her, we were happy. She really broke my heart." and i kind of froze at that.
When i texted my ex i really felt uncomfortable, even though we just caught up with each other. He said he has no goal to reach, i guess it s like he doesn t want to get anywhere. I don t want to be an asshole or close-minded by telling him that i don t want to be friends. I wish he could just move on. But at the same time i want and to make him feel better because i feel like i hurt him and all.

I m confused, lost, and in need of help.