Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. - William Arthur Ward


Hi guys. Today is Friday October 6th 2017. If you are following me/have been reading my articles, then you already know this, but if you don't, hi, I'm Yasmin (@HeyMyNameIsYasmin) but feel free to call me Yazz or Yazzy if you wish. My articles have a variety of themes let's say, and I do like to write about a lot of different things, I have an article series that is WHI themed called 'Yasmin's Weheartit 101' and even though there are currently only two parts (I know, I suck what sort of series is that?), they have been pretty successful and I have recieved a lot of amazing responses on them and I'm so grateful I can share what I know with you guys so you get the help you need. Thank you.

However, I don't only write articles that are WHI related. I also like to write about topics with more substance. The article you are reading right now was not planned. I actually had another article scheduled, which was due to launch today, however WHI decided to throw off my plans and instead I've uploaded this article (I'll talk more about that in a bit).

I, as well as a handful of other users on WHI, were granted with the amazing opportunity of being the first batch of people to try out articles. As soon I discovered this new feature, I knew I was going to love it. I do love writing. I loved my English lessons in school, and I loved to write about all sorts of things. Over a year ago, I launched a blog but ummm...let's just not talk about that one before I die of embarassment just thinking about that flop of a blog. 😂

So yeah, I loved writing articles. It was a new creative outlet that made a change from just posting images. And if you do follow me AND ACTUALLY 👏 READ 👏 MY 👏 CAPTIONS 👏 (if you do, corr you're a real g), you'll know I can write for Britain in my captions. I could now say what I wanted, when I wanted. I could give people advice without being restricted to a certain amount of characters like I was before in my dms. WHI changed and I flippin' loved it.

But hold up. WHI changed again. As I was finishing up the article which was supposed to be uploaded today, WHI threw another curveball and hit me in the face unexpectedly....

There's a new badge guys....

When I saw it, I was a little bit..confused...let's say. Umm...I didn't know what it was. I was looking through the list of people I follow on WHI, none of them had it. I looked everywhere and no one had it. I got a little bit scared. What was this badge? A badge to say "congrats, you are a loser?" because honestly I wasn't expecting anything that great. I mean everyone I follow on WHI are amazing and if they didn't get this badge then why did I? Maybe I am a loser. So yeah, after about half an hour of confusion and almost borderline insanity of not knowing what was happening (no seriously, I kept singing 'Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?' from the song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Out loud. By myself. On repeat. For half an hour.)

But then, a received (and NO LIE) 22 messages. 22 MESSAGES. Saying "Oh haven't you heard? WHI has launched 'The Recognised Writers Program'." , along with messages from people congratulating me.

So I checked it out the article WHI wrote about it because I still didn't really have a clue, and then thats when the confusion stopped I read:

'From now on, each month Team Whi will pick a group of talented writers that are rewarded with the Recognized Writers badge. With this badge we want to show you how much we love your work and value your contribution to our community.'

I scrolled down a little further, then I was my name.


Ladies and gentleman, in case you haven't read the article introducing the Recognised Writers Program, I'll leave it here so you can read it and see for yourselves.


I am one of the first 23 users. On WHI. To get this badge. Ever. In the world. Wowzas.

I feel like I need to create a very witty, charismatic yet also cheesy acceptance speech like they do in the Oscars. But this is not the Oscars. And I'm not that particularly witty nor charismatic. I can be fairly cheesy sometimes though. Maybe this article can be my acceptance speech?


Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys.

It's a strange one this y'know. It takes a lot of ordinary people to make one ordinary person to get lots of hearts on their images. It takes a lot of ordinary people to make one ordinary person to reach huge follower milestones. It takes a lot of ordinary people to make one ordinary person to be one of the first people to be recognised in a way like this. I'm not the one who deserves to be recognised.

The number of you guys, collectively, as a team, AS A FAMILY, will always be greater than 1. You are greater than me.

100,000 + > 1

You guys >>>>>>>>>> Me

And that's just how it is. Without you nothing of everything I've acheived to date on WHI would've had the slighest chance of happening without you. There is only so much I can do by just being me. It's you guys who make the magic happen. So therefore, you guys will always be greater than me. You are greater than me as part of this amazing, supportive family. And you are greater than me as individual, because you contributed to this. And I love you, scincerly, with all of my heart. And thank you.

I think there should be more recognition to those, who don't necessarily upload on WHI, but are there, supporting others on a daily basis, to those, who at the end of the day, are just strangers. We live in a harsh world, and so so so many people here on WHI are who we need more of in the real world. I don;t know, I'm just throwing it out there.

Also, thank you to the WHI Team, I don't know any of your @s, but thank you, I'm truly honoured to be one of the first 23 people ever on WHI to recieve this recognition. Also a big thank you to @fabiogiolito and @timjcrow, you probably won't be reading this let's be real, but if somehow you stumbled across this by accident or boredom or both, then thank you, again I'm honoured.

So yeah, that's all I really have to say, congrats to the other 22 people who got to be the first to receive this badge - you all must be pretty rad.

The article I was supposed to upload today will be uploaded on either Monday or Tuesday (23rd or 24th), and oh boy stock up on your tissues because it's gonna be an emotional one. I'll be talking about heartbreak in my new article series...



I'm not going to say much more because you know, spoilers. And, Talk to you guys soon. And again, I love you and thank you so so much for this!

Lots of love, Yasmin


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