Hi guys! today I bring you a post of a things you can do with your new #sketchbook. You can also visit my tumblr (gabylpha.tumblr.com) to view other post.

1. Mini Calendar.

sketchbook image

2. Draw Your Collection.

doodle, drawing, and markers image

3. Artist Signature.

artist, drawing, and Sharpie image

4. Make Your Information Contact with Washi Tape.

diy, doodle, and sketchbook image

5. Self Potrait.

diy, doodle, and drawing image

6. Inspiration Quotes.

sketchbook image

7. Use Your Own Sticker.

diy, doodle, and drawing image

8.Color Swatches.

sketchbook image

I hope you have enjoyed it and until the next post! See ya =]

Drawing & Photo by @gabylpha