day 6) someone who fascinates you and why

Ugh this one is hard because there isn't really one particular person who fascinates me. I don't really follow any one particular person enough to be fascinated by them. Like I've never been a major fan girl of anyone or anything like that. The most famous people I follow on Instagram are mostly gym girls and I follow them for their workout videos but that's more of for inspiration rather than fascination. SomeTHING that fascinates me is pretty much everything about outer space. I love learning about the planets and everything within/between/and on them. I'm also extremely fascinated with interstellar space especially after watching the movie Interstellar, which left me so curious and confused about what's all out there. I wouldn't take up a career studying space, as I like other things more but I definitely like googling facts and watching Netflix documentaries/ movies on such matters. :)