As you read this incredibly well-written article, you'll realize why Stranger Things is such an amazing sci-fi show.

To start off, the cast that portrays the characters are very good at their job and make the show more realistic due to how they all fit well with the characters.

As you might not notice, in most movies/shows, the relatives of the main characters aren't very involved. They are usually just used as context. In Stranger Things, Nancy, the older sister of Mike Wheeler, and Jonathan, the older brother of Will Byers, appear every so often that is astonishing because we never thought that they'd be important characters in the first place.

The connections made in the show blow the audience, who thought the science nerds would come across with Eleven, the girl with amazing powers that wandered around the woods of Hawkins. In fact, it's astounding how Chief Hopper was being led to Eleven instead of Will. Without the bullies that would constantly pick on Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, Hopper would've never had the chance to find Eleven. And without Eleven, Nancy, Joyce and Hopper would've continued to stay curious if something happened to Barbara and Will.

As some of us know, season two will come out on October 27th, when we'll be able to find out what happened to Eleven on the last episode of season one. What illness did Hoppers daughter acquire? Did Mike lose feelings for Eleven? Did Nancy leave Steve for Jonathan? We'll all get our questions answered when season two comes out.