I love to share my poetry on here. But I also often like writing little quotes or paragraphs that I wouldn't necessarily categorize as a poem (although technically you could I guess). I would like to put them in their own category though...so here's the first one I want to share :)

"You Are..."

"You are Valium. You are the smell of wet sidewalks, fresh and clean after rainfall. You are that one restaurant that allows me to put crayola upon an otherwise pristine tablecloth. You are a thousand piece puzzle: complicated and time consuming, but oh so satisfying to figure out! You are the perfect mix of honesty and deception, towing the line between purity and subtle corruption. You are an escape, but one that provides clarity. You are an unlit cigarette, dangerous...but only when ignited. Mysterious. Maybe misguided. Maybe misunderstood. They will try to label you, and each time fall short, for you are a genre all your own. One that has yet to be discovered. To most people, you remain utterly inexplicable.
But perhaps you are searching. Searching for another, who might be on the hunt for a challenging soul to match: one alike, one mind-fucking enigma, who's story cannot be read or written in words alone..."