@TypicalGirl48 has created this awesome 30-day #WhiChallenge, where we are able to get to know each other in the expand of 30 days. All we have to do is answer her daily challenges (or our own, if we have some) and share them with you guys here on WeHeartIt.com.

Hello Lovely Hearters!

Already day three, huh? I feel awesome since I have already made it to day three, lol! Normally, I end up forgetting or simply quitting challenges, but not this time! I promised myself.

As for today’s challenge from the “30 Days Get To Know Me” #WhiChallenge, I am to tell you guys about my relationship with my parents;

Describe your relationship with your parents.

To cut to the chase, I love my parents from the bottom of my heart. They have always been there for me, whether we talk what outfit I have to wear or what I have to do with my future. They have supported me in all of my choices, helped when I’m in need, been my friends when I needed one the most, and simply just showed me their love. That’s more than enough for me. Even though, we have our ups and downs (because who doesn’t?), I love them with all of my heart and more so. I could not see my life without them. Our relationship is nothing unique or special, but I have my parents and I could not ask for more.

Though, to be honest, I really wish I had one of those best friend-ish relationships with them, or at least one of them, where you share everything with them. The closest one is my mother, we do have our moments. But then again, secrets are sometimes meant to be shared with only yourself and nobody else.

I love you, Mom and Dad.

I hope you guys like reading my answers as much as I like to write them. Thank you for reading, and maybe following me trying to complete this challenge. See you tomorrow. ;-)