Today is day 4 for my 15 day writing challenge.
Its what I can not live without

1) My family:
Why? Because they do everything for me and support me always

2) My friends: (Brooklyn, Johnny, Davis, And Jason)
Why? When I'm down and sad they know and automatically they know what will cheer me up and smile. But sometimes they know I don't want to talk about it so they hug me until I let go

3) My Boyfriend:
Why? He knows that I might not talk much but he knows I always listen and will always help him. He always helps me with my problems and comforts me when I need it

4) My cat:
Why? My cat listens to all my problems and doesn't have anything bad to say back to it.

5) Music:
Why? It knows exactly what I'm going through at just the time I need it. Its always going to be here for me when I'm down and depressed or what I'm happy.

6) Writing:
Why? It helps me focus and concentrate on what I do best.