Are you always late for school? Does the first bell always ring just as you walk in the door, or perhaps the second bell? If this happened to you then this article are you.
Sadly I'm one of those people who is always late to anywhere, who else is part of it?

Let's begin the article

🔸Pack your book bag beforehand.
Setting out all your texts and materials in advance will save you time. Invest that energy in the evening and you won't have to frantically search for your science homework in the morning. Just pack ahead of time and concentrate on getting up, dressed, and out the door.

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🔸Choose your wardrobe ahead of time.
Clothing decisions, while important, are not so crucial as to make you late. Set out your outfit the evening before. That way, you can try the clothes on calmly and make a decision.
And if you are those who wear uniform, like me, then this step skip it.

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🔸Check off a to-do list.
Keep track of all of your minor morning tasks with a daily or weekly to-do list.If you need lunch money, get it the night before. Organization is the key. Keep close track of what needs to be done each day.

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🔸Keep personal items in a set location.
There is nothing as frustrating and time consuming as searching for lost keys or a cell phone. Put all those small personal items in a set place, those things that you tend to lose.

🔸Prepare your breakfast ahead of time.
Making food can eat up a lot of time, but don't think you have to choose between something quick and something healthy. Set out your breakfast the evening before or keep it ready-made in the refrigerator. If you are really short on time, grab something to take with you on your commute.

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If you would like to see how to do breakfast healthy and fast let me know

🔸Set your alarm.
Getting up late will put you at an immediate disadvantage in your quest for punctuality. For heavy sleepers, louder alarms might be more effective. Choose an alarm setting that will shake you out of bed.

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🔸Avoid getting sucked into television, electronic devices, or other distractions.
Mornings ought to be about luxury, about watching the news, reading the paper, checking your texts, or nursing a cup of tea or coffee. Most of us can only afford a small indulgence, unfortunately. Resist the urge. It will cost you precious time.