Hello and welcome to my first article here on We Heart It.
This is my new account but I've actually been using WHI for over 4 years... I decided to start all over again with a brand new prespective and diferente approach.
The first time I've used WHI I was in a pretty bad place in my life and that is what I was putting out there: depressive quotes, sad images... my most popular collection was named "my mind" and it was basically negative quotes on how I hated my life.
After some years I decided to change that and have a more positive outlook so I started posting and sharing more positive images and quotes. However I still had that negative baggage in my account. So I decided to start all over again and do things in a complete different way. This time I will be sharing what makes me happy, my dreams, hopes and aspirations, what I want in life and what I learn from with which can be useful for anyone.
If you want things to get better in life, don't hold on to the negativity as I did for a long time. Hold on to the things that make you happy. That's what is going to take you far and make you feel better.
You're the one who makes your own life, your life is a reflection of what you think so think about all the good things and you'll receive all that good in your life. If you focus on the negativity and keep surrounding yourself with it you'll stay miserable. If you focus on positivity, your dreams, your goals and everything you want, it will come and you'll be the happiest you've ever been. YOU DESERVE IT.
So go ahead. Think about a dream of yours, think about how you'll feel when that happens and work for it! You've got this! You only have to ask life for what you want, believe you can have it and then you'll have it.
Stay positive and keep your mind full of happiness and everything you want. Create your own happiness.