Back here with another article! This time I want to talk about some apps I like to use and also some apps to boost your happiness. I have the iPhone SE, so obviously all of these apps are from the Apple Store, but I'm pretty sure you can get (most) of them on Play Store as well!


I always use this app to edit my photos. The effects on the app are just amazing & gorgeous and you can just play around with all the easy tools the app offers. Another great thing about VSCO is that you can upload your pics as well, so it's kinda like an editing app + social media both together. The app is free but you can also purchase filters (Although most filters are free)
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This is an amazing app to learn new languages! I use this app everyday even if it's only for 5 minutes. You can keep track of everything and it has fun features! Definitely worth a try. It's a free app and you can use it on the website as well:
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Yup, I know you can just go to Wikipedia on the internet, but when I saw there was an app for it, I got happy. I'm someone who likes to learn and I always search for new information. In the app you can easily search for information and you can even save pages. It's just super handy!
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Grid Diary

This is a journal writing app. It’s a well-designed app with intuitive interface. All the posts come in grid format. you can add pics to your articles (up to 5 with free version) and select a personalized template. What is great, the app provides a full-text search thus it’ll be very easy to find an old post. The free version lets you backup and restore the entries within the app. To cut a long story short, Grid Diary is a nice personal journal app that will be perfect for those who want to have something simple and stylish.
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Headspace is like a workout for your mind. The app teaches you to meditate and provides access to tons of content focused on creativity, decreasing stress, increasing happiness, conscious eating, and open-hearted living. It also has a social element so you can loop your friends in on your journey toward happiness.
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This is a meditation app with relaxing sounds. For example; falling rain playing in the background, a crackling fireplace, crickets and more.
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Thank you for reading!
See you next time.

love, @shvryl